Heather's Bio

It is a miracle that Heather is alive today. She had not one but TWO freak accidents. In the first accident, she was T-boned at highway speed. She had a crushed pelvis and a mild traumatic brain injury. The ambulance that responded to the scene thought she was dead.

Two years later, a tree fell on her head. Again, they thought she was dead. The same helicopter rushed her to the hospital where portion of her skull had to be removed to stop the bleeding on her brain. This time she had 12 fractures in her back and severe brain injury.
God has plans for her and He is not ready to call her home yet. He keeps sending her back! Heather relays her story with humor and candor. She strongly believes her miraculous recovery is thanks to God. 

She now realizes that her life is unique. Growing up Heather thought her life was normal. Didn’t every girl get up at 3 a.m. to help her dad (a vet) do surgery on a cow, compete in rodeos every weekend, and give riding lessons to pay for flight training? When Heather became the only female in her Air Force pilot training class, she realized that her life might be a little unconventional. She flew the C-130 for the USAF and the Airbus 320 and the Boeing 747 worldwide for Delta Air Lines.

Heather is 48 and lives in Minnesota, with her husband two teenage sons. She has written two books. One book is being made into a screenplay and is working on a third.