Reader Comments

Why did I survive?

“I bought this book because my friend has terminal cancer. I thought I was reading it to help him, but it turns out I learned things that will help me.” T. M.

“I read it twice, I knew what was coming and I still laughed and cried. I got goosebumps. I felt like God was speaking directly to me.” Karen Ruth

“I knew she could fly airplanes and ride horses, but I had no idea she could write! This book is not just about Heather’s recovery. It will help tons of people. Well done.” Heidi Huffman

“Seeing a diagram and reading the part about ‘Sadly, you don’t have unlimited energy’ really affected my life.” Rebecca Youngmark

I have a lot to say

"The life lessons in this book apply to everyone! If you're a coach/mentor, athlete/participant or parent these nuggets teach valuable concepts. Hard work, preparation, a 'never give up attitude', self-belief, and trusting in God are universal concepts that are not only extremely important in sports but in everyday life! I highly recommend it."

- Matt Dunbar - USAF Academy Graduate and Team USA U-19 Lacrosse Coach

"The reader gets to get inside Speedy's head and see how he views the world. This book shows the amazing power of animals to help humans. Animals add a richness to our lives that we can't begin to comprehend, but this book is a start!"

- America's Veterinarian - Dr. Marty Becker D.V.M. - author of the Healing Power of Pets and 22 other books

"Love it! I laughed and I cried. Anytime I read about the Lord, animals and children I am touched. This story brought so much love, compassion, and knowledge for the readers to experience. I want all my friends and family to read it."
- Audrey Griffin -  Roman Rider inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame - 2008

"Great! I loved it. Heather captured what horses would say to us. Simply wonderful!" - Dr. Barbara Page, D. V. M.  -  Founder of the Equine Wellness Foundation

As the story moves along through the different owners of Speedy, a reader finds good advice and insights about parenting, family life; and, how to handle obstacles, disasters, and disability.  Working with, riding, and owning Speedy and other horses helps young people to grow in confidence, faith, honesty, determination, persistence, listening skills, with a positive attitude toward challenges in life. - Nancy Jane Clark